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Matteo is a freelancer who has worked as a Server at Emerald Coast (Sardinia, Italy) for several summers. Although engaged in a different job position the rest of the year, he has always been aware of how summer jobs are an excellent opportunity to save a significant amount of money in just a few months while having fun. After working various seasons in the same Club, he decided to get in touch with Luxury Bar Job with the goal of landing a position at one of the most prestigious venues in the area, aware of how much his earnings would increase if he succeeded.

"Thanks to the consulting and research carried out by Luxury Bar Job, in the summer season 2022, I was hired by the number 1 venue in Sardinia, allowing me to save 9k euros in just two months of the season, compared to the 5k in three months of past seasons"

Lorenzo, a young man eager to challenge himself, managed to find a job in Mykonos for the summer season 2022 through a friend. There, he got to know about Luxury Bar Job and his desire to keep traveling while working and living other unforgettable experiences like that of Mykonos, pushed him to ask us for assistance. His dream has always been to have an experience in the USA, but he thought this was an impossible feat due to visa and bureaucracy reasons. With the assistance of Luxury Bar Job, Lorenzo got two interviews which he passed brilliantly, thus obtaining a sponsor for a one-year work visa.

"I was able to fulfill a long-held dream, living a year in Florida. I moved with the guarantee of a regular work contract, accommodation included, and a wage of 18 dollars an hour + commissions (about 23 dollars an hour in total), earning enough to travel on my days off and still manage to save 15k dollars before the end of my contract."


Miriam La Pietra is a university student in Palermo, who works occasionally as a waitress to support herself. Her salary had never exceeded 50 euros a day until the summer of 2022, when she decided she wanted to change her environment and live an unforgettable summer, different from the usual ones spent working in her city. She thus gets in touch with us, identifying Sardinia as the ideal location for the kind of experience she was looking for. Within a week with our service, she got a contract at a renowned venue for the summer season, with accommodation included and a salary double that of her previous job. All that was left was to pack her bags and take off.

"Thanks to this opportunity, not only did I earn 3000 euros a month between salary and tips, saving 5000 euros in just two months, but I also built deep friendships that last to this day and expanded my network of contacts that now allows me to find well-paid jobs even on my own."

Giulia, a professional radio speaker and marketing graduate, is undoubtedly our best case study. She contacted us to find a job in Mykonos in the summer, after having been there on holiday the year before and falling in love with it. Through our research, she gets two offers for the position of Hostess and Event Planner even before the summer season started, in two well-known venues frequented by VIPs, allowing her to choose which venue to work at despite not having experience. During the season, she chooses to continue with this lifestyle and with our help undertakes a year-long journey in the United States, where she first finds work as a Hostess in Florida, experiencing a tropical winter in a residence with all the amenities, provided by the same company that hired her, and thanks to this experience, she understands the dynamics of working in luxury venues, which allows her to make a quality leap and work as a Server in the summer at Martha's Vineyard, the number 1 VIP location in America.

"The last year and a half has been the best of my life! Moreover, last summer I reached an average earning of 8k dollars a month working no more than 35 hours a week. In one year, starting from scratch, I lived in three dream locations, created lasting friendships, traveled to many places taking advantage of the flexibility of my weekly shifts, and saved 35k dollars! It couldn't have gone better!"


Elisa Racca, a professional bartender trained in London, worked for years in Ibiza during the summer, driven by her strong love for the island. But after a while, love and passion were no longer enough motivation to keep working there for the season. She wanted to find a job that could also give her economic satisfaction commensurate with her skill level and experience. Driven by this motivation, she contacted us with the goal of finding a job in a luxury venue, hoping to achieve a work position of at least 3k a month through our assistance.

"With the help of Luxury Bar Job, I found a job at Lìo, the number 1 Club of the Pacha group in Ibiza, where in just the month of August I made 8k euros. In 5 months, I saved 18k euros, more than doubling the economic achievements of previous seasons. Given my increase in earnings, buying the job search service was the best investment I could make!"

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