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We look for, find and select for you top jobs in the luxury hospitality sector thanks to the experience gained from years of working in luxury clubs, discos and hotels in dream locations and our network of international contacts.

You can earn and grow like never before, meeting people with goals similar to yours and living in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Step out of your comfort zone and let us guide you to discover a world full of opportunities in luxury clubs!

Contact us whether you are entering the world of hospitality for the first time, attracted by the idea of quick earnings and intercontinental travel, or if you have years of experience behind you and are looking for new professional challenges: Luxury Bar Job is your springboard!

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Why trust Luxury Bar Job


Job Search

LuxuryBarJob is the only consultancy and active job search platform IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, for hospitality professionals such as Bartenders, Waiters, Hosts, Front Desk Agents, Restaurant Managers and Chefs.

Travel and work

We offer not only a gateway to the most exclusive clubs on the planet, but also the chance to grow professionally. We find the perfect employment for your needs in exotic and coveted locations, where work merges with pleasure


Compare yourself with working realities that reward your talent and enhance your professionalism. We guide you to the best job offers in your sector, proposing various alternatives with the guarantee of placing you professionally.


Work immediately for luxury venues, learning on the job and developing skills that are sought after all over the world. For more experienced professionals, we offer positions where you can achieve significant earnings, even up to Eur/Dollars10,000 during the peak season.

Smarten up your finances as you grow your career!

We are aware of the importance not only of finding the right job opportunity but also of knowing how to best manage the financial success that follows. That is why, in addition to guiding you through the discovery of prestigious jobs in the hospitality industry, we offer you an exclusive service: financial counselling, included in each of our packages, at no extra cost.

We understand that many professionals, immersed in the dynamism of prestigious venues, may not have considered the importance of a good money management and finance care. But when earnings become substantial, knowing how to manage them becomes crucial. Our consultancy is designed to teach you how to make every US Dollars/Euro you earn pay off, avoiding the pitfalls of impulsive, unplanned spending.

Our team of experts will guide you will accompany you through the creation of a customised financial plan that will allow you to maximise your earnings and, for those who wish to explore opportunities in the USA, we also offer advice on how to invest.

Our aim is to ensure not only an excellent job but also the financial peace of mind you deserve!

Why is Luxury Bar Job different?

Our exclusivity is guaranteed by the quality and attention we devote to each individual candidate.

You will not be left empty-handed!

For this reason, our service is limited to only 3 new clients per month, thus ensuring unprecedented attention and continuous support at every stage of your journey: from the first interview to recruitment, choice of accommodation and beyond.

Your success is our goal! We do not stop until your needs are met.

We Create your Resume

We build your Resume and Cover Letter according to the market in which you are seeking employment, highlighting your unique qualities.

We carefully plan your Career

We provide a career plan and a strategy adapted to your level of experience and ambitions, guiding you step by step towards success.

We Schedule your job interview

We conduct a market research in your area of interest, setting up interviews for you with the best companies in the industry and coaching you on how to pass the selections.

We constantly assist you

We support you during the recruitment process, guaranteeing the best working conditions. If you choose locations where a visa is required, we will help you with the application.

Who we address

You can earn and grow like never before, meeting people with common goals and living in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

With Luxury Bar Job, you are never alone: you will be part of a select club of professionals who choose to experience work in dream locations, with lucrative contracts, salaries above industry averages and unparalleled opportunities.

Our doors open for a few and your exclusive place awaits you. We assist:

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your career: find out how to be one of this month's 3 candidates.

Our service guarantees employment and provides 100 per cent reimbursement in the event of non-placement.

Manfredi: Creator of Luxury Bar Job


The story of Luxury Bar Job begins with Manfredi, a globetrotting bartender whose passion for adventure and pursuit of excellence led him to work in the world's most exclusive venues.

From the bustling metropolises of Sydney and Miami to starred restaurants, via famous nightclubs in Porto Cervo, Ibiza, Val D'Isere and glamorous Mykonos, to the heights of luxury hospitality in Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts, USA), Manfredi has always had one goal: to go beyond the limits of the ordinary.

Manfredi also works with EBS, the world's largest bartending school, as a consultant assisting and finding work for the school's students in more than 10 locations worldwide on 3 continents. His talent has led him to monthly earnings exceeding 10k US Dollars/Euro;, but the real breakthrough came from his vision to share success with other ambitious professionals.

From this vision comes Luxury Bar Job! A platform that synthesises years of international experience: enviable contacts and in-depth knowledge of the luxury hospitality market.

With the guidance of Manfredi, Luxury Bar Job aims to offer not just a job, but an extraordinary career to those who wish to explore the world without forgoing prestigious salaries. Manfredi shares his know-how to open doors that would otherwise be inaccessible, allowing one to achieve unimaginable professional and personal goals.

Join Luxury Bar Job and take command of your professional future, with the certainty of having a mentor and a network of contacts behind you who represent excellence in the world of luxury bartending and beyond.


For several summer seasons I worked in Ibiza as a Bartender, and I was always told that the number one venue to make money was Lìo. The difficulty was getting in touch with them and getting noticed. Luxury Bar Job arranged for me to talk to one of the managers at Lìo, and thanks to that I broke every income record I had previously achieved!

Elisa Racca

For years I worked in Nightclubs as a Bottle Server during the summer and I always wanted to get into the TOP clubs where there is lots of money to be made. But it was very difficult to get in touch with those high end companies. Luxury Bar Job set me up for an interview with one of those clubs that I had always tried to reach without success, and they helped me to achieve my goal.

Matteo Masiero

I wanted to find a part-time job that would allow me to live throughout the ski season in Val D'Isere, which is notorious to be a very expensive spot. I contacted Luxury Bar Job and they found a job for me in a club that did not exceed 30 hours per week. Thanks to this, I was able to afford to ski every day, meet lots of people with the same passions as me, and also put aside a nice amount of money for myself.

Allegra Goldsworthy

After a season in Mykonos working as a server, I wanted to continue traveling and fulfill my dream of living in the United States. Thanks to Luxury Bar Job, this became possible. They arranged two interviews for me with companies that sponsor temporary work visas for bar and service staff near Miami and provided me with all the tips I needed to excel in them and secure the job. I am now in Florida with a visa and a formal work contract!

Lorenzo Lecca

Luxury Bar Job assisted me in three circumstances. The first time, they scheduled for me two interviews in two very famous clubs in Mykonos, for the position of Hostess, despite the fact that I had no previous experience in Hospitality. The second time they found a job for me in Florida right after the summer, giving me the chance to experience a sunny and tropical winter. And the third time, again in the USA, they managed to find for me a job as a Waitress in a Fine Dining Restaurant, which allowed me to put aside over 25k in just three months of work.

Giulia Pegorini

Last summer I was looking for a seasonal job as a Waitress that would allow me to put aside more money because I was not satisfied with the job I had found in my city. But I had no idea where to start to find one. Through a friend I heard about Luxury Bar Job and as a result, they found me a job in the late season in Porto Cervo, with accommodation included and a salary more than double compared to the one of my previous job.

Miriam La Pietra

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Our service guarantees work and 100% reimbursement in case of non-placement.

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Discover everything about the global hospitality industry market and how to find the ideal job for you in your desired location.
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300 (over 15 minutes)
  • Video call and consultation face-to-face with Manfredi
  • All the infos you need to carefully plan your career and exploit seasonality to make money
  • Information on international markets and how to make the most of them to earn money
  • List of the best venues and companies to work in and their contacts
  • How to manage your finances to get the most out of your earnings

Active Job Search Service

We find the perfect job for you in the location of your dreams. Regardless of your experience, success is guaranteed.
Limited to 3 slots available per month.

(The first 15 minutes of the call are free)
price starts from
597 a partira partire daa a p partire d
  • Creation of High converting Resume and Cover Letter
  • Interview Scheduling either remotely or in person according to your best convenience
  • Searching for the best job opportunities available in your area of interest
  • Coaching and Assistance for successful interviews
  • Job Placement 100% Guaranteed
  • Assistance with visa applications when required
  • Post employment assistance aimed to resolve potential work related issues

Premium Luxury Bar Job Service

Follow Manfredi's successful career strategy, avoid common mistakes, and achieve success. Learn how to add $100,000 to your savings in no time!
Exclusive to 3 slots available per year.

(The first 15 minutes of the call are free)
  • Career acceleration: 10 years of professional achievements in just 3.
  • Exclusive Career Plan: A detailed plan for your exclusive path
  • Experience in the Most Prestigious Venues: Work where excellence is a standard, from big cities to tropical islands.
  • Trumpeting salaries: Earnings exceeding all expectations, with a target of 100k US Dollars/Euro set aside in 3-5 years.
  • Global Network: International connections for a borderless network.
  • Travelling and Personal Growth: Turn your work into a continuous and rewarding adventure.
  • Target 100k: Set aside 100k in 3 years if you already have experience, in 5 years if you start from scratch.

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Careers transformed and dreams realised

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Clarify all your doubts

LuxuryBarJob is the only platform offering customised job search services in the world’s most prestigious venues for professionals such as Bartenders, Waiters, Hosts, Managers, Chefs and Front Desk Agents.

Personalised One-to-One consultations including strategic plans aimed at getting you to your goals in the shortest possible time, and Active Job Search Services that will enable you to secure prestigious employment in the location of your interest.

We carry out a search for you for the best locations in your area of interest, both on the web and among our partners, and apply for the best available job offers, organising your interviews and providing comprehensive support. From CV and cover letter creation, interview coaching and support for the necessary visas.

We prefer seasonal locations because they offer the highest earning potential, both in terms of salaries and tips and in terms of expenses, as for seasonal jobs accommodation is often provided by the hiring company. Porto Cervo, Mykonos, Ibiza, Saint Tropez and the United States are just some of the destinations you can reach with our support!

Yes, we provide support and advice in the visa process for international placements, ensuring the smoothest possible transition.

Absolutely. We prioritise your preferences and help you identify opportunities based on your desired geographic location and career goals.

If you are looking for work outside Europe, you need to already have a valid passport. Otherwise it is not necessary. Luxury Bar Job assists European and North American citizens, i.e. Americans and Canadians.

Our services are ideal for those who want to travel the world enjoying unforgettable experiences, advance rapidly in their careers even from scratch, and earn huge sums of money, which can reach up to EUR 10,000 per month in the high season.

It does not matter how much experience or knowledge you have in the field. There are professionals with years of experience who earn basic salaries and have never grown in economic and professional terms. Experience is nothing without the right strategy, and with us you get one that suits your ambitions and experience, which we will put into practice for you.

Contact us on whatsapp, by phone or email, and arrange your free 15-minute video call with us right away, where we will assess your situation and provide you with the information you need to find the job you want, in the location you like best. You then choose whether you want to use this information to find a job yourself or whether you want to rely on our assistance and be sure of a well-paid job that meets your expectations.

Although times may vary depending on individual preferences and availability of venues, we guarantee a much faster process than would be required by an independent search, so that you can start earning money within a very short time.

We continue to support you for up to a month after you are hired, communicating directly with the place where you work to ensure the best possible working conditions.

Should we not be able to find you a job, or should you fail the interviews, you will be reimbursed 100 per cent of the amount spent. And if you are not satisfied with your cooperation in the place where we found you a job, we will look for another job for free, to ensure that you can work in the best possible environment.

For locations that hire seasonally or for fixed-term periods, all interviews are conducted remotely. Interviews are face-to-face only for non-seasonal locations such as Barcelona, Paris, Sydney, etc.

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