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Manfredi: Creator of Luxury Bar Job


The story of Luxury Bar Job begins with Manfredi, a globetrotting bartender whose passion for adventure and pursuit of excellence led him to work in the world's most exclusive venues.

From the bustling metropolises of Sydney and Miami working from starred restaurants to famous clubs in Porto Cervo, Ibiza, Val D'Isere and the glamorous Mykonos, to the heights of luxury hospitality in Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts, USA), Manfredi has always had one goal: to go beyond the limits of the ordinary.

Manfredi also works with EBS, the world's largest bartending school, as a consultant assisting and finding work for the school's students in more than 10 locations worldwide on 3 continents. His talent has led him to monthly earnings exceeding 10k but the real breakthrough came from his vision to share success with other ambitious professionals.

From this vision comes Luxury Bar Job! A platform that synthesises years of international experience: enviable contacts and in-depth knowledge of the luxury hospitality market.

With Manfredi's guidance, Luxury Bar Job aims to offer not just a job, but an extraordinary career to those who wish to explore the world without giving up prestigious salaries. Manfredi shares his know-how to open otherwise inaccessible doors, enabling unimaginable professional and personal achievements.

Join Luxury Bar Job and take command of your professional future, with the certainty of having behind you a mentor and a network of contacts representing excellence in the world of luxury bartending and beyond.


Giulia, our best case study and today the face of Luxury Bar Job

Our Giulia is the symbol of progress that defines Luxury Bar Job. Starting out as a new face in the hospitality world in Mykonos, she has ridden the wave of success to become a sought-after professional. Her journey, started with no experience in luxury clubs, has been a crescendo of achievements: from Hostess and Event Planner at the most exclusive parties, to sought-after expert in the heart of Florida, where her earnings quadrupled to $8000 per month.

The qualitative leap came shortly afterwards with the season at Martha's Vineyard, the scene of guests of the calibre of Jordan Belfort and the scene of high-profile events, saw her pocket over $25,000, in a working season of 4 months in summer and with a working commitment of just 35 hours per week. An economic escalation that underlines our promise: with the right orientation, growth is assured.


Giulia is more than a case study; is confirmation that the Luxury Bar Job itinerary is a map to the top. From Mykonos to Martha's Vineyard, its journey is testimony to the fact that, with the right moves, boundaries shift and horizons expand.

Are you ready to follow in Giulia's footsteps and design your own path to success?

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